Construction Infrastructure

Our firm's real estate law capabilities span all aspects of the commercial real estate industry, including sale and acquisition, leasing, financing, workout and collateral enforcement, construction, development, land use regulation and management of all types of properties.

In construction, we routinely structure legal and financial guarantees, issue legal opinions, advise on compliance issues and review legal and administrative documents, to ascertain the exact risks. 

Our partners advised various types of clients including ; developers, management companies, contractors, institutional investors, engineering  and construction companies, investors in and outside Turkey, retail operators, hospitals.

In Middle East and African countries, we regularly represent Turkish engineering and construction groups in all their legal needs. Among types of projects Inlawco was involved are :

·        Apartment complexes in Venezuela ;

·        Commercial/office buildings in Istanbul ;

·        Energy production and storage facilities in West Africa ;

·        Construction of roads in Libya ;

·        Hospitals in West Africa ;

·        Industrial facilities in Iraq and Saudi Arabia ;

·        Housing projects in Libya ;

·        Medical facilities in Ghana ;

·        Residential developments in Central America ;

·        Resort properties in south Turkey

·        Energy production facilities in Algeria ;

·        Railway project under PPP in Kazakhstan.