Usually, infrastructure and energy projects require partnerships, JVs or consortiums. Before bidding for public tenders, it is up to the parties to find the right technical, financial and commercial partners to be eligible, and downstream to be competitive.

However, operators may not know the specific difficulties of each project (confidentiality, deadlines, political issues, etc...). 

Precisely, Inlawco has acquired an extensive know-how and network that has proven its worth in Africa and the Middle East, by developing a highest added value : the intelligent linking of complementary partners in their professions and capacities. This goes beyond simple networking. Such service requires a full knowledge of sensitive issues and confidentiality of the parties and the project.

Hence, our team enabled partnering improbable groups to unite their technical, financial and human forces, to close complex projects in Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, including the followings :

· Road construction in Libya;

· Construction of industrial facilities in Iraq

· Design and construction of oil depot in Saudi Arabia;

· Consortium in Jordan for the storage of liquefied gas;

· Energy production facilities in Algeria;

· Railway PPP project in Kazakhstan.

· Hospital projects in West Africa;

· Housing projects in Abidjan.

etc ...