Real estate purchase by foreigners in Turkey


Foreigners who want to buy a real estate property in Turkey shall apply to the Land Registry Office where the real estate is located. 


As a matter of principle, duly recognized by the Supreme Courts, there is no difference between Turkish citizens and foreigners in terms of required documents for application.


Turkish administration is to require at least the following information and documents, during the application :


Documents from real persons :


a. Title deed of the real estate if available, otherwise a document indicating the city block and parcel of the real estate or verbal statement of the owner.


b. Identity card or passport of foreigner given by his/her own country and two passport-size photographs.


c. If the person applying for the purchase is a representative, a legal document of attorney of the representative, a photo-ID card, two passport-size photographs of the representative, are required. If some of the purchasers are not present during the transaction, photo-ID card, two passport-size photographs, and a legal document of attorney of the representatives that represent the purchasers, are required.


Documents required from companies buying property :


a. Certificate of incorporation and circular of signatures in due and specific form.


b. Foreign trading companies established in foreign countries according to their laws are required, in compliance with the legislation of their country, to provide the similar document issued by the relevant authorities, duly notarized.