Digital economy

The digital economy grows and moves at an impressive speed. Our level of technological and legal knowledge are the resources to move as fast as this sector. Thus, we provide our clients in this sector, with high-level legal advice and business solutions.

Inlawco represents several internet and emerging technology businesses in Turkey, but also world wide's leading digital companies. Thus, Inlawco represents top names of digital economy in Turkey and the world.

We have an in-depth knowledge in internet marketing legal analysis, internet advertising, and trademark infringements, software development issues, intellectual property rights and ownership.

We provide legal consultancies regarding website liability issues and represent clients in court cases including defamation, internet and computer crimes, invasion of privacy. 

Our staff assists Turkish and international clients in computer and software industry, providing legal services related to Data Protection in Turkey and Europe.

We also advise major internet companies in their online commerce contracts and related litigation. Our litigators also assists major Turkish and European media and broadcasting companies in their litigations involving regulatory and commercial issues.  

Thus, Inlawco has a broad experience in internet and information technologies.