Arbitration in Turkey

Inlawco is member of the European Center for Arbitration and Mediation, that offers to international investors, an impartial, independent and expert arbitration in Turkey. 

Inlawco acts both in international and domestic disputes. As a domestic arbitration court, our office has been empowered to serve for dispute resolution between international companies based in Turkey.

This enables those companies to escape from Turkish tribunals and a fair, professional trial, in 6 to 9 month, without being more expensive than Turkish courts. 

Indeed, claimant side before Turkish courts shall pay judicial taxes, in proportion of their claim. This is more or less what would pay a claimant before the European Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Istanbul.


European Center for Arbitration and Mediation offers a panel of arbitrators and experts, that are both lawyers, academics and leading professionals in various sectors. 

Indeed, we believe that arbitrators shall not be exclusively lawyers and law academics. Therefore, we opened our boards and panels to every professional that benefits from a significant experience in a specific field and preferably, managers of companies.

Thus, the chartered arbitrators of the European Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Turkey includes :

- CEOs of leading Turkish companies ;

- Academics in commercial law, construction, energy, transportation, etc...

- Law practitioners ;

- Accountants ;

- Tax professionals.