Turkish business environment presents international companies with complex legal, regulatory and corporate compliance challenges at all levels of management.  

Effective corporate governance today requires a proactive and comprehensive approach of issues including: establishing an appropriate board of directors and management composition; implementing a code of ethics and conduct that leads to a culture of compliance; developing policies and practices, developing enforcement mechanisms, performing regularly internal audits, investigation and reporting processes, especially to mother companies of Turkish subsidiaries.

We advise our client companies boards of directors, independent committees and executive officers, on corporate governance compliance and best practices, including with respect to compliance matters arising under company laws and regulatory matters.

We focus beyond the legal and regulatory issues facing each client in order to provide creative and practical advice, and sensible implementation plans, on the critical business and other issues confronting them in their day-to-day activity.

Specifically, we assist clients on the process of composition of and procedures for boards of directors, general assemblies, development of managements charters, governance standards, codes of conduct and other corporate programs, policies and procedures in compliance with local regulations.

Our staff advise Managers and Boards on their duties and responsibilities regarding corporate governance, conflict and transactional matters, conducts internal investigations, provides solutions on limitation of liability, indemnification and insurance matters.

Our unique value arises in advising mother companies, for their affiliate companies or managers or boards in Turkey.