• Competition law in Turkey, anti-trust regulation applying to Turkish companies
    Competition laws Turkish Law on the Protection of Competition (law no. 4054) is regulating the major anti trust rules that applies to companies operating in Turkey. It aims to protect the competition between and prevent practices... »
  • foreign investment in Turkish tourism sector
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is the main regulatory body in Turkey's tourism sector. All issues relating to investments in the tourism sector are handled by the General Directorate for Investment. There is also a private entity... »
  • How to mandate a lawyer in Turkey ?
    Under Turkish laws, attorneys at law may only act when duly empowered by a power of attorney in due form.   This is to say that if you intend to hire a lawyer in Tukey, you are obliged to issue a power of attorney. The formal... »
  • Corporations
    Turkish business environment presents international companies with complex legal, regulatory and corporate compliance challenges at all levels of management.   Effective corporate governance today requires a proactive... »
  • Energy
      INLAWCO advises international investors in regulatory requirements to operate in the renewable energy market. We also represent foreign groups in due diligences related to acquisition of energy licenses. Our specialists... »
  • Differences between a Joint Stock Company and a Limited Liability Company
    The following are some of the most important differences between a Joint Stock Company and a Limited Liability Company under Turkish laws :    • There is no minimum or maximum number of shareholders for Joint Stock... »
  • Mandatory lawyer in companies
    According to Law 1136 (Code of Lawyers) Article 35, joint stock companies over 250.000 TL (approximately 90.000 USD) shall have a mandatory lawyer.    The companies have the choice between hiring a law firm or employ... »
  • Rules and tax on the transfer of dividends from Turkish companies to foreign shareholders
    There is no limitation for repatriation of profits unless the company is monitored by an upper supervisory body (such as the Capital Market Board or the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Board), whose approval is required. After... »
  • Investment policy regarding Turkey's infrastructure
    According to the Ministry of Transport, the total revenue from all toll roads in Turkey in 2008 was USD 121 million. The total revenue from the two bridges crossing the Istanbul Strait was USD 100 million during the same period.... »
  • Data Protection under Turkish laws
    Processing of personal data a legal concern in Turkey since the enactment of the European Union Data Protection Directive No. 95/46/EC. Turkey being in accession step within EU, a Draft Law Concerning Protection of Personal Data... »