In infrastructure sector, Inlawco has a track record in structuring complex infrastructure projects, mainly under PPP contracts.

Those are generally public bids, that we prepare with clients, from prior regulatory analyses to drafting, negotiating and enforcing contracts.

Generally, those infrastructure projects require JV or consortiumes, prior to bidding to public tenders. Inlawco advised a large number of parties in their partnership, even by bringing the highest value added service : networking / bringing together parties we beleive are able to perform an infrastructure project.

Thıs, we succeeded in creating such highest value added service in Africa and Turkey, creating projects or partnerships in infrastructure and construction projects :

·        Construction of roads in Libya ;

·        Industrial facilities in Iraq and Saudi Arabia ;

·        Consortium in Jordan for energy storage ;

·        Energy production facilities in Algeria ;

·        Railway project under PPP in Kazakhstan.

·        Hospital projects in West Africa;

·        Dry port project in West Africa;