Renewable Energy Law in Turkey

Law No.5346, entitled "Renewable Energy Resources Law for the Purpose of Generating Electricity" stipulates that RES (Renewable Energy Resources) are wind, solar, geothermal, bio-mass, bio-gas, wave current and tidal power sources suitable for electricity generation, together with hydraulic power generation plants, either canal or run-of-the-river type or with a reservoir surface area of less than 15 km².
The purchase guarantee covering the produced energy for 10 years will not be below 0,05 Euro / kWh rate or its equivalent in Turkish Liras. Only 1% of the total licensing fee is to be paid.

Exemption from annual license fees for the first eight years following the completion date of the facility.

Electricity may be supplied by the private sector at wholesale prices on the condition of not exceeding the annual power output of the facility in question.

Generating units based on renewable energy that are not designed for frequency and voltage control, are not subject to these conditions and requirements.

Exemption from the liabilities of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority's Electricity Market Balancing and Settlement Regulation.

Wind power generation and canal-type hydroelectric power generation plants that sell electricity to wholesale and retail licensees are exempted from settlement.